McWhirter family tree

 John McWhirter is the earliest ancestor recorded by Peter’s father (JGMW). The line between John and Peter is traced with GREEN headings.  There is no information about where he lived (but presumably in the parish of Colmonell) nor what he did. Similarly for Margaret Galloway there is no information. (RWPMW 1999 April 10).

McWhirter tree1

  1. John McWhirter b. circa1740, m. circa 1765, Margaret Galloway, b. circa 1740.

Initially JGMW (pp. 11 and 12) had noted only two children for John McWhirter and Margaret Galloway namely Mary (B1/5) and Gilbert (B2/6). Later he added four more from information provided by Jean Webster. In addition there appear to have been maybe two other children as noted below.  The baptisms of seven children were registered at Colmonell, Ayrshire.  (See the IGI list of births and christenings in the ring file ‘Genealogy – McWhirter, Macmorland – RWPMW, 26 April 1999.) Richard Pettit’s baptism file records two additional children to those given by JGMW in his Saga thus: an un-named child baptised at Colmonell on c15 March 1768 and Mary McWhirter baptised on c13 December 1774. These dates occur in gaps between the birth dates of the other children and are therefore possible for children that died in infancy. (Note by RWPMW 1999 January 1.).

RWPMW has tried to find the locations, on both the sketch map made by RMW (DOC.90) and on Blaeu’s atlas of Carrick (1645), of the farms where the children were born. He was unable to find Whilel but Balluskie is marked on the 1:50,000 OS map number 76 about half a mile north of Barhill (grid reference NX 237827). See the notes on Gilbert below for Merkland. (RWPMW, 1999 June 25)[1]

Using the computer link to the General Register Office for Scotland from the Family History Centre in London, RWPMW found an entry for a christening as follows: John McWhirter christened 5 August 1774 record 582/1 Colmonell. Parents John McWhirter and Margaret Galloway McCubbin FR40. This is assumed to be a different family. The same information appears in the IGI list. (RWPMW 28 May 1999)


i      William McWhirter b. 7 May 1766, Whilel,[2] 13 May 1766, Colmonell.[3]

ii     Un-named b. c.15 Mar 1768, d. In infancy.

iii    Jean McWhirter b. 9 Feb 1770, While,[4] 14 Feb 1770, (maybe 17th) Colmonell.[5]

iv    John McWhirter b. 11 Aug 1772, Whilel,[6]  17 Aug 1772, Colmonell.[7]

v     David McWhirter b. 10 Sep 1776, Balluskie, 16 Sep 1776, Colmonell.[8]

vi    Mary McWhirter b. 10 May 1782, Merkland Farm,[9] 28 May 1782, Colmonell.

 vii   Gilbert b. 13 Apr 1786.

Detail on the children (second generation) are here.