McWhirter – Sixth generation

Cecil Henry (Harry) Cockbain

b. 9 Sep 1920, Perth, Western Australia., m. 18 Nov 1949, in Edinburgh., Joan Kathleen Trinder, b. 30 Aug 1923, Manchester, Lancs.

Cecil Harry married Joan Kathleen Trinder in Edinburgh. He has his own business in Monteal but is more or less retired and spends much of his time on his family history research. He is a member of the Quebec Family History Society. She works in Morgans Ltd in Montreal. They have three boys: Paul, Stephen and Carl (Carl was killed in an accident). (JGMW pp.23 and 24 and a letter from Joan to JGMW dated 30 Sep 1985.)

RWPMW writes

I had a phone call from Harry early one morning in May 1993 before I was up asking about our family tree. I wasn’t very forthcoming at the time – I was hardly awake – but I wrote later (see my letter dated 1993 May 7) suggesting that he and his wife Joan visit us when they come to the UK as he told me they had in mind on the phone. There has been no word from him since. (RWPMW 1998 Oct 30)


i      Paul Cockbain b. circa 1951, Edinburgh, occupation Civil Servant.

ii     Stephen Cockbain b. circa 1956, Edinburgh, occupation Systems analyst.

iii    Carl Cockbain  b. 3 Dec 1958, Montreal, Canada., d. 22 Jun 1972, Canada.  Extract from a letter from Joan Kathleen Cockbain to JGMW dated 30th Sept. 1985 and inserted on page of JGMW’s Saga gives the following information about Carl: ” Carl born Montreal, Canada 3rd Dec 1958. Accidentally killed on railway bridge on a terribly stormy day, the aftermath of hurricane Agnes, on 22nd June 1972.”

John Cockbain

b. 10 Sep 1922, Freemantle, W. Australia., occupation Trans Canada Airlines., m. Jully 1953, in Edinburgh, Barbara Rennie, b. 13 Feb 1928.

John married Barbara Rennie in Edinburgh in July 1953. He works with Trans Canada Airlines. They have two sons; Gordon and Richard (Ricky). All four members of the family visited us at Silverburn on 2 Sep 1973. (JGMW p.23 and 24 and a letter from Joan Trinder, John’s sister-in-law, dated 30 Sep 1985)

Note in the letter mentioned above Joan refers to her brother-in-law as John McWhirter (Cockbain). Maybe he was given his mother’s name as a middle name. Note also that Jean Webster gives Barbara’s maiden name as Barbara James. (RWPMW 1998 Oct 30)


i      Gordon Cockbain b. circa 1956.

ii     Richard (Ricky) Cockbain b. circa 1958.

Colin Keith McWhirter

Occupation Surveyor., m. 16 Aug 1969, Susan Margaret Turnstall.

RWPMW writes

Colin Keith who married Susan Margaret Tunstall at Benton on 16 Aug 1969. It was a good wedding; we were there! Colin is a sutveyor (a quantity surveyor I think). Colin and Sue live in Ponteland near to his parents. They have three sons: Paul, Simon James and John Stuart.


i      Paul McWhirter b. ? Jul 1971.

ii     Simon James McWhirter b. 8 Feb 1973.

iii    John Stuart McWhirter b. 8 Sept 1980.

Barbara Marion May McWhirter

b. 25 Aug 1919,[34] m. circa 1941, Alfred Raymond (Ray) Harvey, b. 22 Aug 1920, d. circa 1967.

Barbara married Ray Harvey who died in 1867. They had five children: Elizabeth, Laurie, Darvyl, Sydney and Robert. (JGMW pp. 202 and 204)


i      Elizabeth (Beth) Harvey b. 26 Oct 1941, m. (1) David Ellis, m. (2) John Spowart.

ii     Laurence (Laurie) Harvey b. 3 Nov 1942, m. ?, Patricia Pusey.

Jean Webster’s print out gives Laurie’s date of birth as 3 Nov 1942. (RWPMW 1999 June 14)

iii    Darral Harvey b. 5 Nov 1944, m. Patricia Kelman.

iv    Sydney Harvey b. 18 Oct 1946, m. ?, Cheryl Pusey.

v     Robert Harvey b. 27 Apr 1949, m. ?, Cindy Howard.

Clifford Lawrence Braidwood McWhirter

1 Jul 1925, m. (1) Norma Gibson, m. (2) 25 Sep 1982, Renee Atckinson, b. 5 May 1926.


i      Carol McWhirter b. 6 Jun 1952, m. Tom Hardie.

ii     Jeffrey (Jeff) McWhirter b. 14 Nov 1954, m. Glinda Pritchard.

iii    Lynette McWhirter b. 12 Mar 1960, m. ?, Stephen Jenkins.

Margaret Ruth McWhirter

b. 22 Feb 1927, m. (1) 11 Nov 1949, Cyril Warwick, d. 14 Sep 1980, m. (2) 24 Mar 1984, Allan Clarke, d. 21 Feb 1991.

JGMW writes

Margaret married Cyril Warwick on 11 Nov 1949 and they had four daughters Daughters: Penelope, Theresa, Beverly and Jeanette Kay. Cyril died on 14 Sep 1980. Margaret married Allan Clarke on 24 Mar 1984. Allan has long been a member of of the Church of Christ in Australia and Margaret has joined him.The members are baptised (as in the Baptists’ Church) when they are young adults. Margaret and Allan came to us at Rogarth, 2 Westgarth Avenue, Edinburgh on 11th May 1985 and stayed with us till 15th May when they left to make a tour of Scotland before they go back to England and then to Australia. (JGMW  pp. 205 and 206)


i      Penelope Warwick b. 22 Dec 1950, m. 17 Oct 1970, in South Australia., Geoffrey Kempster.

ii     Theresa Warwick b. 29 Mar 1954, m. 27 Oct 1973, in South Australia., John Coles.

iii    Beverly Warwick b. 11 Aug 1957, m. 2 Feb 1985, Graham Dowdell.

iv    Jeanette Kay Warwick b. 8 Apr 1962.

Peter Russell McWhirter

b. 2 Apr 1930, m. 5 Nov 1952, Bernice Margaret Allanson, b. 3 Jan 1933.


i      Susan May McWhirter b. 6 Jun 1953, m. Keith Biggins, b. 27 Jun 1949.

ii     Christine Anne McWhirter b. 9 Jun 1954, m. ?, Ian Fletcher.

iii    Leslie Jean McWhirter b. 7 Mar 1958.

iv    Garry John McWhirter b. 26 Feb 1959, m. ?, Christine Stribling, b. 16 Jun 1959.

v     Cathy Joyce McWhirter b. 3 Mar 1960, m. ?, Steven Foster.

Donald Charles McWhirter

b. 4 Jul 1931, m. (1) in Sydney, NSW, Australia., Romona Peterson, b. abt 5 May 1932, d. 8 Dec 1984, m. (2) Ruth Myrtle Woods, b. 1 May 1929. Romona:

Romona died after an accident in Rockingham, Western Australia in November 1984. (JGMW p. 207)


i      Stephen Braidwood McWhirter b. 17 Jun 1952, d. 17 Jun 1952.

ii     Phillip Frederick McWhirter b. 17 Jun 1952, NSW, m. (1) 5 Jan 1973, Marilyn Kay Whyte, b. 4 Jan 1952, m. (2) circa 1978, Susan Margaret Russell, b. 29 Dec 1952, m. (3)  Annamarie Folk, b. 27 Apr 1953.  One of twins. The other stillborn.

iii    Karen Mary McWhirter b. 21 Oct 1956, NSW, m. (1) 17 Nov 1977, David Dewar, m. (2) Gregory Savage. They had twin boys born May 1982: Nathan and Trent. Nathan died on 18-9-1982 aged four months. A divorce is pending. The children’s births have been recorded as McWhirters. (JGMW p.208)

iv    Donna Gaye McWhirter b. 30 Nov 1964, NSW.

Jean Isobel McWhirter

b. 18 Mar 1937, m. 3 Nov 1956, Raymond George (Ray) Webster, b. 14 May 1934.

5 Oct 82:  Jean Webster has been working full time for the past six years as the secretary to the manager of a firm in Perth called Dexion and is enjoying her work.  (According to Margaret Clarke, Jean’s sister on a visit on 13 May 1985, she retired from Dexion on14 Mar 1985. Earlier she worked as a secretary for a firm of coach tour operators for about four years before joining Dexion.) Her husband Ray works for Ausett Airlines Company in Australia and is the Western Australian Reservations Manager. He has worked for the company for nearly twenty five years and has only another seven years before he can take early retirement.

Some nine years ago (i.e. about 1973) Jean and Ray visited England and Scotland and spent a few weeks in Methlick in the Grampian Region with his relatives. They went back to Scotland about five years ago (1977) and visited Crosshill. They found the church records with the minister who had the book with him from the Record Office in Edinburgh at that time.They found the record of the baptism of her grandfather John McWhirter (D4). They did not look for the Heid Inn or the graves of her great grandparents.They are planning to have an extended holiday in four years time taking in Europe and Britain and possibly some of America for approximately four months leave. (JGMW pp. 208 to 210.)

RWPMW writes

On 1993 Nov 7 Jean Webster wrote me a letter to say that she and Ray were coming to the UK for a visit in 1994 April and would like to see father’s notes on the family tree. I replied (1993 November 25) inviting them to spend a night. They did visit us as arranged and we talked about family trees. At the time unfortunately I wasn’t very interested. Either then or soon after she sent me a print out of her database which is the one I refer to in these notes. Much of the information about the Austalian branch of the family comes from this source. Where this is the case I have used Jean’s reference numbers identified as JW-xxx. (RWPMW 1998 Oct 31)


i      Margaret Anne Webster b. 6 Jul 1958, m. (1) 1 Sep 1978, Jeffrey Barry (Jeff) White, m. (2) ?, Rodney Donal Clyde, b. 8 Apr 1958.

Margaret born 6 Jul 58. She married Jeff White on 1 Sep 78 and have since separated. There are no children. Margaret has now married Roger — (JGMW pp. 207 and 208)

ii     Ronald Bruce Webster b. 22 May 1960, m. Louise Scott, b. 19 May 1961.  Ronald born 22-5-60. (JGMW p208)  Ronald is married to — . They have two sons. (JGMW p 207)

Murray Gordon McWhirter

b. 15 Jan 1948, m. 18 Oct 1969, Lillian Tait, b. 29 May 1948.

Murray Gordon was born on the 15 Jan 1948. Murray’s father’s surname was Dartch. He was taken over by Sydney when he was aged 4. Sydney got him officially adopted and his name became Murray Gordon McWhirter. (JGMW p. 201 and 202)


i      Wayne McWhirter b. 7 Apr 1971.  Transcript of JGMW’s Saga page 208: “Wayne born 7-4-1971 – unhealthy”

ii     Sandra McWhirter b. 9 May 1974.

Nancy May Butcher

b. 5 Oct 1933, m. (1) Leonard John Broad, b. 14 Jan 1926, m. (2) ?, Anthony John McAleer, b. 14 Jan 1926.

Nancy born 1937. She married Ian Broad about 1957. They had their own sheep station. They have four children:- (i) Hilary, (ii) Dianna who is married to Ian (iii) a boy and (iv) another boy.  (JGMW p. 203)


i      Sharon May Broad b. 27 Oct 1955, m. James Cameron Greaves, b. 8 Sep 1956.

ii     Ian Campbell Broad b. 9 Sep 1957, m. Dianne Margaret Trethowan, b. 1 Oct 1953.

iii    Hilary Ellen Broad b. 31 Oct 1959, m. John Kimberley Colero, b. 3 Aug 1957.

iv    Gina Margaret Broad b. 20 Mar 1962, m. Ian Roger Looke, b. 15 May 1959.

Robert William Peter McWhirter

b. 15 Dec 1927, Whthorn, Wigtownshire, Scotland., occupation Scientist (retired), m. 15 Feb 1958, in Oxford, Christina Joy Willis-Fleming, b. 24 Apr 1935, Haywards Heath, Sussex, (daughter of Edward Willis-Fleming and Christina de la Paz Garsia) occupation Secretary (retired).


i      Tessa McWhirter b. 28 Mar 1960, Wallingford Hospital, Berkshire, occupation Nurse, m. 16 Nov. 1985, in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Peter James Slater, b. 3 June 1953, (son of Peter Slater) occupation Nurse.

ii     Fiona McWhirter b. 16 Aug 1961, Blewbury, Berkshire, occupation Secretary, m. 11 Sep 1992, in Holland, Wouter Marinus vanGalen, occupation Truck driver.

iii    Gavin John McWhirter b. 23 Apr 1965, Blewbury, Berkshire,  31 Jul 1965, North Kirk, Penicuik, m. 23 Jul 1994, Emily Tamelayne Burnett, b. 7 Jul 1968, (daughter of Hugh Thomas Burnett and Tessa Alexandra Rose) occupation Nurse.


Margaret Nancy Irene Wendy McWhirter

b. 24 Aug 1930, Whithorn, Wigtownshire, occupation Secretary, m. 4 Aug 1956, in Dumfries, Lockhart Taylor, b. 15 May 1930, occupation Electronics engineer.



i      Donald Taylor b. 8 Sep 1961, m. 8 Jun 1995, Fiona Wright, b. 25 Oct 1964, occupation Shop Assistant.

ii     Deirdre Anne Taylor b. 3 Oct 1963, occupation Catering Manageress.

iii    Sheila Katherine Taylor b. 9 Nov 1967, occupation Civil engineer.


Margaret Aitken

b. 14 Dec 1932, Manchester., Manchester., occupation Medical doctor., m. 28 Dec 1960, in Edinburgh., Francis Ronald Clark, b. 7 May 1929, occupation Medical doctor.

RWPMW writes

A letter from Margaret to me, dated 19 January 1999, gives the following information about her stay in Ballantrae during the war: ‘In fact my mother and I returned to Ballantrae early in the war and my mother was allowed to sub-let the flat during wartime. We stayed at Tranew with Granny and Grandad and I attended Ballantrae Public School in Primary 1 (part) and 2 with Miss McTyer and Primary 3 and 4 with Miss McQuaker; two primary school teachers of the traditional kind but in Miss McTyer’s class we received a little poke of sweeties – dolly mixture or ?? on friday afternoons and in Miss McQuaker’s the top girl and top boy in the weekly Friday sums and reading tests received one penny. Presumably the sweets from Jean McKinnon’s shop was before sweet rationing was introduced. To my children’s amazement we used slates for writing generally and jotters for good writing practice – lines of a, b and c’s. I don’t think the alphabet letter writing has done me much good!’ (RWPMW)


i      Jane Margaret Clark b. 22 Jan 1962, occupation Archaeologist, m. Not married,.

ii     Colin Peter Clark b. 22 Feb 1963, m. 23 Jul 1994, in Melk, Austria, Natascha Jeanette Arianna Gerlach, b. 18 Aug1968, Vienna, Austria.

iii    Sarah Katharine Clark b. 3 Oct 1965, m. 21 Oct 1989, Gary Donachie, b. 2 Sep 1962, occupation Volvo salesman.

William Robert (Bill) McWhirter

b. 18 May 1939, occupation Paediatrician, m. Katherine Meg Tod, b. 17 Dec 1938.

“William Robert (Bill) who was born on 18 May 1939. After school he took his degree BA at Cambridge University and MB, ChB at Edinburgh University and specialised in children’s diseases. He married Katherine Meg Todd (born 17 Dec 36) on 11 Aug 1967. She was born in New Zealand and had become a fully qualified nurse in Scotland. He practices as a pediatrician in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, where they have three children: Alasdair Robert Cairncross, Caroline Susan and Hamish William.” (From notes provided by WRMW, RWPMW).


i      Alasdair Robert Cairncross McWhirter b. 14 Feb 1970.

ii     Caroline Susan McWhirter b. 10 Oct 1972.

iii    Hamish McWhirter b. 15 Aug 1977.

[34]  Jean Webster’s print out gives Barbara’s dob as 25 Aug 1919