Macmorland – Fifth generation

Helen Mary Macmorland

Married 20 Jul 1977, William Andrew MacLean Webster.


i      Deborah Anne Webster.

Alison Jane Murdoch

Born 26 May 1955, Occupation: Teacher., married 18 Oct 1977, Alasdair Boyd, Occupation:  Chartered Surveyor.

Alison Jane Murdoch (born 26 May 1955) married Alasdair Boyd on 18-10-1977. (They live at Kilninver near Campbeltown. Note inserted by Wendy). Alison is a teacher and Alasdair is a Quantity or Chartered Surveyor. They have a daughter: Laura Jane born 5-5-1983. (JGMW pp. 136, 181).


i      Laura Jane Boyd, born 5 May 1983.

James Murdoch

Born 26 Jan 1958, Occupation: Sheep farmer., married 14 Oct 1988, Jayne Walker-Love, born 23 Jun 1961, Occupation:  Nurse.

James Murdoch was born on 26-1-1958. On 14-10-1988 he married Jayne Walker-Love and they have two children: Grant born 23-Jun-1990 and Lucy born 5 Sept 1992. (JGMW pp. 136, 181).


i      Grant James Murdoch, born 23 Jun 1990.

ii     Lucy Jane Murdoch, born 5 Sep 1992.

Janet Eilidh Brooke

Married Jonathan Leaky.

Janet Eilidh was at one time the editor of a woman’s magazine in Kenya. Later she worked with Louis Leaky in Tanganyka as an archaeologist. She married the Leaky’s son Jonathan. The Leakys are a well known family of archaeologists and anthropologists. They have two daughters – the first is called Tanya and they live in Kenya.(Adapted from JGMW’s Saga pp. 151-152)


i      Tanya Leaky.

Susy Fenella Macmorland

Born 11 Oct. 1959, Occupation: Nurse, married 20 Aug. 1983, Nicholas Gallegos, born 8 Aug. 1957, Occupation:


i      Oliver Gallegos.

ii     Charlotte Gallegos.

Dianne Macmorland

Born 1946, married Peter Pannell, Occupation: Farmer.  Moved to Nelson in 1984.

In her email of 2002 Oct. 16 Jeanette Cook gives the following information about her sister: ‘Dianne. Still married to Peter Pannell and they now live at 59 Morse Street, Wairau Valley, Marlborough. Peter is semi-retired and Dianne works seasonally in the local vineyard and does some part-time writing for the local Marlborough Express. They had a fourth child, a daughter, Fern, born 1985, who is still at school and lives with her parents. Son, Aaron is a mussel farmer and boat skipper in the Marlborough sounds. He married Debbie Hendrix (born in Capetown, South Africa), in February  2002. They have a house in Havelock, Marlborough and as yet there are no children’. (RWPMW, 2002 Oct.16).


i      Arron PANNELL, born 25 Aug 1967.

In her email of 2002 Oct. 16 Jeanette Cook gives the following information: ‘Aaron is a mussel farmer and boat skipper in the Marlborough sounds. He married Debbis Hendix (born in Cape Town, South Africa) in Feb. 2002. They have a house in Havelock, Marlborough and as yet there are no children’ (RWPMW, 2002 Oct 21).

ii     Timothy Shane Pannell, born Nov 1969, married Michelle GRANGER.

In her email of 2002 Oct. 16 Jeanette Cook gives the following information: ‘Timothy married  Michelle Granger from Nelson in 1991. They have three children: Danielle Jane b. 1993; Rebecca Rose b. 1994; and Joshua Timothy b. 2000. Tim works as a motor mechanic in Nelson.’ (RWPMW, 2002 Oct. 21).

iii    Matthew PANNELL born 1973.

In her email of 2002 Oct. 16 Jeanette Cook gives the following information: ‘Matthew completed a degree in forestry at Otago University and is now living and working in Australia. He is unmarried but has a long term partner Sarah.’ (RWPMW, 2002 Oct.21).

iv    Fern PANNELL, born 1985.

Jeanette Macmorland

born 1943, married John Cook, Occupation: Ecomonist.  John and Jeanette live in Aukland, North Island.

In her email of 2002 Oct 16 Jeanette Cook gives the following information about herself: ‘Graduated from Canterbury University with a masters degree in English Language and Literature in 1968. Still Married to John Gould Cook, no further children and for the last 20 years has been a writer, journalist and book editor. On [my husband’s] longer contracts I generally accompany him and in the early nineties we lived for five years in South America, predominately Venezuela and in the Caribbean, mainly Curaçao in the Dutch Antilles’. (RWPMW 12002 Oct. 16).


In her email to me of 16 Oct 2002, Jeanette, his wife, reports the following: ‘Husband John is an economist specialising in tourism development (feasibility studies and master planning) and works on contracts for the NZ and foreign governments, the latter mainly funded by international aid agencies such as EU, UN, Commonwealth Secretariat World Bank etc. (RWPMW, 2002 Oct21).


i      Jules Sebastian COOK born 1969.

In her email of 2002 Oct 16 Jeanette Cook gives the following information about her son: ‘Jules, registered as Jules Silas but has always called himself called himself Jules Sebastian, is an art director on films, currently living in Sydney, Australia with his long-term partner Kirsty Strong, a one-time Olympic and Commonwealth Games gymnast and now an illustrator of children’s books, from Nelson. Jules has recently been and art director/designer on Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Anna and the King, Vertical Limit, and over the past year, Matrix II’. (RWPMW, 2002 Oct. 16).

ii     Zoe Amelia COOK born 1971.

In her email of 2002 Oct. 16 Jeanette Cook gave the following information about her daughter: ‘ Zoe Amelia, is a television and video producer/director currently working on contract for UK companies. She has lived in Britain for 4 years and owns an apartment in Hove. The apartment is currently rented out and she is on a 3 month contract in Bangalore, India, making an educational video for MacMillan Publishing’. (RWPMW, 2002 Oct. 16).

Craig William Macmorland.

Born 29 Dec 1953, Occupation: motor cycle business, married (1) Diane BARTON, Occupation:  Hair dressing salon, married (2) 1990, Sandra GLEN.

In her email of 2002 Oct. 16 Jeanette Cook gives the following information: ‘Craig William was an insurance agent for AMP for ten years and has recently become a real estate agent with L J Hooker Ltd. He and Diane BARTON had two children: Scott and Yvette but are now divorced (1990). He then married Sandra GLEN who had previously been married to Ian BELL by whom she had had two daughters: Sarah and Kate BELL. Craig and Sandra had two children of their own: Charlotte Rose, b. 1989 (who lives with her father in Nelson city) and Grant Craig, b. 1996 (who lives with his mother in Stoke, Nelson). Craig and Sandra have been separated since Oct. 2001’ (RWPMW, 2002 Oct 21).

Children by Diane BARTON:

i      Scott David Macmorland born 26 Dec 1980.

In her email of 2002 Oct. 16 Jeanette Cook gives the following information: ‘Scott and Yvette are both attending Otago University’ (RWPMW, 2002 Oct 21).

ii     Yvette Macmorland, born 17 Sep 1983.

In her email of 2002 Oct. 16 Jeanette Cook gives the following information: ‘Scott and Yvette are both attending Otago University’ (RWPMW, 2002 Oct 21).

Children by Sandra GLEN:

iii    Charlotte Rose MACMORLAND born 1989.

iv    Grant Craig MACMORLAND born 1996.

Alan Dickson Jones

Born 18 Sep 1949, Occupation: National Coal Board., married 28 July 1973, Valerie Kilner, born 8 Nov 1950.

From JGMW’s Saga page 159 and 160: Alan Dickson married Valerie Kilner (b.8-11-1950) on 28-7-1973. They live in North Berewick West Lothian where Alan works for the National Coal Board. They have four children: Laura Marion (b.25-1-1974), Richard Lewis (b.10-1-1975), Helen Elizabeth (b.1-6-1981) and Andrew David Macmorland (b.5-1-1984).


i      Laura Marion Jones born 25 Jan. 1974.

ii     Richard Lewis Jones born 10 Jan. 1975.

iii    Helen Elizabeth Jones, born 1 June 1981.

iv    Andrew David Macmorland Jones born 5 Jan. 1984.

David Forester Jones

Born 29 May 1953, married 18 Oct. 1980, Celia Frances Davies.

From JGMW’s Saga pages 159 and 160: David Forrester Jones married Celia Frances Davies on 18-10-1980. David is in business in London with a company concerned with the transfer of the ownership of property. Their first child was a boy Alexander James (b.27-3-1985).In a letter dated 20 July 2000 Agnes Chappell (née  Macmorland) gives the address of David and Celia as Ford Farm House, Ford, Kingsbridge, Devon  TQ7  2LN. She also lists their children as follows: Alexander, Nick, Jennifer and Abigail. (RWPMW 2000 July 22)


i      Alexander James Jones, born 27 March 1985.

ii     Nick Jones.

iii    Jennifer Jones.

iv    Abigail Jones.

Quintin Macmorland

Born 11 Mar 1950, married (1) ? Sept. 1971, Sally Jackson, born 13 Mar 1952, married (2) Zena.

Quintin (born 1950) married Sally in September 1971. They have a daughter Clare and a son Russell. (JGMW p.162).

Children by Sally Jackson:

i      Clare Macmorland, born 23 Feb 1977.

ii     Russell Stewart Macmorland born 22 May1979.

Christopher Macmorland

Born 13 Oct 1951, Occupation: Brit. Telecom engineer, married (1) Sharon, Occupation:  Primary School teacher, married (2) Diane, Jun 1998, in Emsworth.

Christopher (born 1951) works in the engineering department of the Post Office. His wife’s name is Sharon and they have two boys: Jonathan (born 16 Dec 1975) and Ian. (JGMW p.162).

Children by Sharon :

i      Jonathon Macmorland, born 16 Dec 1975.

ii     Ian Macmorland, born 23 Dec 1980.

Gillian Gray MacLean

Born 19 Mar 1953, Occupation: Hotellier, married 13 May 1978, Neil Mackinnon Campbell, born 24 Apr 1953, Occupation:  Hotelier, died circa May 2000.[16]

Gillian Gray (born 19 Mar 1953) married Neil Mackinnon Campbell (born 24 Apr 1953) on 13 May 1978.They live in Oban where Neil manages a branch of Maclean and Speirs. They have a son Scott Mackinnon Campbell born on 13 Nov 1984. (JGMW p.164).


i      Scott Mackinnon Campbell born 13 Nov. 1984.

ii     Craig Alastair Campbell born 15 Nov 1991, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire.

Alan MacLean

Born 27 Apr 1957, Occupation: Music teacher, married 20 Jul 1979, Alison Laird, born 26 Jul 1956, Occupation:  Musician.

Alan (born 27 Apr 1957) married Alison Laird (born 26 Jul 1956) on 20 Jul 1979. They are both musicians. They live in St Andrews in Fife where Alan teaches in Madras College and the Bell Baxter School, Coupar. Alison gives private tuition in music. They have a daughter named Rhona Gillian born 6 Oct 1983. (JGMW p.163 – 4).


i      Rhona Gillian MacLean born 6 Oct 1983.

ii     Morven Lindsay MacLean born 5 Jul 1985, Kirkcaldie, Fife.

Tessa McWhirter

Born 28 Mar 1960, Wallingford Hospital, Berkshire, Occupation: Nurse, married 16 Nov. 1985, in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Peter James Slater, born 3 June 1953, (son of Peter Slater) Occupation:


i      Hannah Slater, born 22 Aug. 1989, Oxford.

ii     Jamie Peter Slater, born 21 May 1992, Oxford.

Fiona McWhirter

Born 16 Aug 1961, Blewbury, Berkshire, Occupation: Secretary, married 11 Sep 1992, in Holland, Wouter Marinus vanGalen, Occupation:  Truck driver.


i      Jack Marinus vanGalen, born 31 Dec 1997, St Georges Hospital, Tooting.

ii     Leo Peter vanGalen born 30 Sep 1999, J R Hospital, Oxford.[17]

Gavin John McWhirter

Born 23 Apr 1965, Blewbury, Berkshire, 31 Jul 1965, North Kirk, Penicuik, married 23 Jul 1994, Emily Tamelayne Burnett, born 7 Jul 1968, (daughter of Hugh Thomas Burnett and Tessa Alexandra Rose) Occupation:


i      Felix George McWhirter born 26 Sep 1997, St Marys Hospital, London.

ii     Harry Arthur McWhirter born 13 Jan 2000, Brighton Hospital, West Sussex.

iii    Angus Hugh McWhirter born 13 Jan 2000, Brighton Hospital, West Sussex.

Donald Taylor

Born 8 Sep 1961, married 8 Jun 1995, Fiona Wright, born 25 Oct 1964, Occupation: Shop Assistant.


i      Sam Lockhart Taylor born 8 Oct 1995.

Henry Murray McGarvie

Born 19 Aug 1964, Occupation: Chartered Accountant., married 22 Jun 1988, in Muthill Parish Church, Isabel Patrick Macfarlane, born 13 Sept 1963, Occupation: Chartered Accounted.


i      Euan James McGarvie, born 16 Nov 1990.

ii     Neil Charles McGarvie, born 12 Nov 1992.

James Murdoch McGarvie

Born 1 Jun 1968, Occupation: Medical Physicist, married 6 Jul 1991, in St Conel Church, Kirkconnel., Mairi Milligan, born 5 Nov !968, Occupation:


i      Calum McGarvie born 15 Mar 1998.[18]

ii     Laura McGarvie born 16 Apr 1994.

Serena Charlotte Morland-Austin

Born 17 Dec 1961.


i      Jade Fiona Morland-Austin, born 21 Oct. 1992.

Christian Dominic Morland-Austin

born 16 Jan 1963, married Fiona Prinz.


i      Sebastian Connor Austin, born 14 Aug. 1990.

ii     Alfie Austin, born 20 Jan 1996.

iii    Rosie Austin, born 20 Jan. 1996.


Married Rachel.


i     Alexander James MACMORLAND, born 19 Oct. 2008[19]


[16]  Information from Wendy 16 Jul 2000.

[17]  RWPMW was present when his name was registered on  1 Oct 1999

[18]  By telephone from Wendy Taylor on 1998 Mar 29.

[19]  From Angela MacM by email 1 Nov. 2008.