Some of the site is written in the first person, usually Peter (RWPMW) or his father, John (JGMW).  This text will either be coloured blue or in italics, or both. Some of the first person comments have been added as footnotes, in which case I hope it is made obvious the source of this additional information.

With multiple people writing and editing the text over a number of generations the conventions and styles differ throughout. Where possible the website has tried to remove sets of initials or abbreviations or acronyms, however some do remain! In particular Peter McWhirter and his Father John Gairdner McWhirter are referenced regularly throughout the text as RWPMW and JGMW respectively.

Whilst the site aims to be comprehensive, there is much additional data available and so reference sources are given where possible.  Many refer to documents refer to physical documents held by Peter McWhirter.  These are unlikely to be made available on line and so the references are to enable Peter to locate the relevant source material if required.